Kat Mahoney

STEAM Video Game Educator and Creative Visionary in the United States

My name is Kat Mahoney. I'm a STEAM & Video Game Community Educator, Author/Speaker, Abstract Doll & Comic Creator. I own WeDiscoverGeeks, a STEAM & Video Game Media company, and Madness & Misfits, a handcrafted Abstract Monster Doll & Web Comic company.

For over 20 years I have been in the Digital Education and Electronic Entertainment industry. I attended Hawaii Pacific University for Computer Science where I assisted upcoming companies in developing a web presence while teaching business owners how to integrate technology and online marketing. I then moved onto video game beta testing and working with game developers on community and social media marketing, as well as testing new technology products. I have interviewed some prestegious world renowned tech professionals, game developers, and tested and reviewed video games and tech products.

Since 2008 I have also assisted military families overcoming adversity in mental health, career & life changes, and home organization. I have over 40 years in the military lifestyle and have exceptional people skills that have awarded me Military Spouse of the Year and Volunteer of the Quarter for Air Force Spouse Clubs and nationwide recognition with large scale companies such as Lockheed Martin and Microsoft.

I have written and published over 6 books, including “A Savvy Moms Guide to Parenting Generation Z”, “Forgotten Bloodlines”, and “Robby the C-130” a military children's deployment book series supported by Lockheed Martin.

I also create handmade, original voodoo abstract monster dolls with it's own web comic series.

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    • Hawaii Pacific University
I had the opportunity to attend the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) for transitioning military members and out of the entire class of attendees Kat was one that stood out among us. I was amazed at how she provided great insight and guidance to some of our classmates ...
David Ramos, Senior Data Analyst, Lockheed Martin
I was fortunate to work with Kat on our last project. She is professional and always prepared. I was also very impressed with her broad knowledge of technology and online multiplayer games. She uses that knowledge to report in a very sincere and impartial way that her followers appreciate. She did a great job interviewing and gathering information about our project, and because of that she is at the top of our list of people to allow access to our new products.
Warren Weems, CEO, Industry Games
I've had the opportunity to work with Kat on a couple of projects. I can say that her passion is contagious, her professional presence is exceptional and her level of expertise across a number of technology / gaming related areas is very impressive. Her blogs are well done and her talk show is informative and entertaining. Kat has deep knowledge on so many areas, she could come into an organization through a number of channels and make an immediate impact.
Dan Newton, Senior Vice President, PNC